Caffee LOS ANDES 100% Colombian Coffee 100% Arabica 1kgs BEANS

Caffee from Columbia "LOS ANDES" 100% Arábica - Gourmet ! Single- Origin - San Agustin, Huila
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Very, very, very good coffee from Columbia. "LOS ANDES" 100% Colombian Coffee,
Arabic Its rich aroma and flavor are two of many reasons for Café Los Andes superiority....

Negro como el Diablo,
Caliente como el Infierno,
Puro como en Ángel, y
Dulce como el Amor
- Talleyrand

Black as the devil,
hot as hell,
pure as an angel,
sweet as love ...
- Talleyrand

Café Los Andes Gourment comes in an exclusive aluminium foil bag with following characteristic:

Cafe de Colombia. "THE ANDES" 100% Cafe de Colombia, 100% Arabica directly from Colombia, fresh, roasted, selected - only high-quality grain. Highest quality without compromise. Life is short walk to taking bad coffee.

..... Coffee "ANDES" gourmet ... - Cordillera "ANDES" ..

..... LOS ANDES coffee is 100% of Arabica with a distinct taste of coffee common in Europe. It is the result of traditional techniques of cultivation, the best practices exclusive method of coffee roasting and packaging.
..... Careful hand selection of the best fruits allowed to enjoy incredible cup of coffee with some fruit flavors, low acidity and a nice, long persistent creamy rich taste.
..... Our tradition goes back more than five generations in the past and is based on methods back in time, harvesting and processing of coffee beans. LOS ANDES coffee ensures that quality is maintained during transport and storage, mainly due to the use of modern packaging technology and high quality packaging materials with special valve, the protection of coffee to give us oxygen. Closure of packs of Coffee "Zip-loc" provides protection against oxygen for a long time after its opening.
... LOS ANDES coffee is not only the regular coffee - is a way for a moment to stop and think. LOS ANDES drink coffee is left in peace to act in every sense their beneficial effects.
Cordillera LOS ANDES
..... The Cordillera de Los Andes spans 7 000 Km. from Chile to Colombia. Los Andes, unusually in Colombia, have special conditions of soil, temperature, precipitation and atmospheric altitude above sea level, which are ideal for growing the best coffee in the world.
... COLOMBIA is a privileged geographical territory and of course, since it has all climates: hot, warm, cold, moor, and in its territory inhabited by a large number of plant species and bio-diversity animales.Tal makes her a perfect combination for land crops offer 100% natural and therefore of supreme quality, as the "COFFEE THE ANDES"


... Its unique aroma and flavor are just two of the many reasons for which the Andes CAFE is over. Our tradition is remotely over five generations of dedication and improvement of our process of cultivation, selection and processing of coffee.

... COFFEE LOS ANDES is the result of the combination of purely traditional cultivation techniques with a process of tostión and unique packaging, which, in addition to the great human element behind every grain, allowing you to enjoy a single cup of coffee and delicious.

And in particular, the Colombian part of the unique geographical location. Local climate, soil composition and altitude represent the next century ideal conditions for growing the best coffee in the world. Colombia is characterized by a rich ecosystem in many climate zones, from cold to hot. Thanks to the territory of Colombia to present a very diverse number of species of fauna and flora.

Suggestions of ways:

Espresso - French Press - Cafeteria - Filtered coffee

P.S. Try a traditional Czech way "Turkish Coffee" ... Better coffee does not exist, really delicacy maximum! 100% Arabica, great coffee the highest quality of gently grinded Los Andes, shortly before training ... And in Colombia is an excellent Cafe OF THE ANDES Supreme Quality GOURMET a joy to the most demanding gourmets of Colombian coffee in the shop or cheap common penalty is not worth looking for him. Excellent flavor and aroma of coffee LOS ANDES not be forgotten ever. Is pleased to offer and share the wonderful experience of drink and live with the Café LOS ANDES. - TRADEA Co. - authorized distributor of Café de LOS ANDES, wholesalers, logistics, coffee service for certain hotels and restaurants, shopping on the Internet. LOS ANDES Company conducts itself promotion of coffee, advice. At the same time ensures consignments of coffee LOS ANDES retail and / or the Czech Republic.

? WHY IS 100% OF COLOMBIA COFFEE better than others?

Since the grain of coffee is the most good.
Because it is 100% Cafe de Colombia
Because it is 100% Arabica, which is considered the highest quality coffee beans in the world,
this is not a blend of coffee beans from various origins
and quality as the most species of coffee.

100% Colombian Coffee, an expert roasting and packaging,
fresh coffee beans contains only the highest
Quality without other impurities.

Local residents collected manually at this Coffee, of course, is dried in the sun
finally sends - all using traditional methods. Coffee LOS ANDES always good fresh roasted coffee

Discover the network of new varietal
Colombian coffee
the world's most popular drink,
they can enjoy a true quality

Please leave the Café LOS ANDES in their original packaging. After the opening protect content so that by using the compression of the package leaves come out excess air and close pack through the closure zip-lock. Keep in a cool, dry place. Still in the refrigerator. Protect from light.

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